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Church Cleaning in Guyton, GA

We got tasked with cleaning this church in Guyton, GA. We used a combination of soft washing and pressure washing to achieve the best results. This church building had not been cleaned in 5 years. This building cleaning turned out just the way we expected it […]

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Savannah commercial building washing

We got tasked with this commercial warehouse building wash. A Savannah,GA customer called needing a building washing, customer was pressed for time as they where having a company gathering and needed this building cleaned up as quickly as possible. We pressure washed the exterior building along […]

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Military barracks exterior cleaning

We got tasked with some exterior pressure washing. We did some building washing on some military barracks in Augusta,Ga. We used a combination of soft washing along with pressure washing to produce the best results. These buildings had not been cleaned in 15 years. Upon […]

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Guyton, Ga Church Cleaning

We got tasked with cleaning another Guyton, Ga church. We pressure washed {soft washed} the exterior of this building. This Guyton church had not been professionally cleaned in many of years. Our professional pressure washing service will leave any building much cleaner and more presentable than […]

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Solar Panel Cleaning in Savannah, GA

We clean this customers solar panels every 6 months, as they demand the most energy production possible out of there solar system. We use our 5 stage water filtration system to produce the purest water possible. This gives us a spot free finished product. Solar Panel […]

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Warehouse Washing in Rincon, GA

We got tasked with some building washing of this huge warehouse. We cleaned all the exterior surfaces along with the window cleaning. We used our water fed pole system to reach the upper windows (30 feet up). We soft washed the buildings exterior to remove […]

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Cleaning a Metal Church Roof in Savannah, GA

We got a call from a local church in need of a roof cleaning. They stated the roofing system was made of metal and had not been washed in 10 years. This roof measured 16,000 sq feet and was approximately 70 tall. We used a boom […]

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Solar Panel Cleaning in Guyton, GA

We had a Guyton, GA customer contact us for our Solar Panel Cleaning Services. These solar panels had not been cleaned in two years. We first did a panel inspection which included readings and some images. We then use our pure water system to clean the […]

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Solar Panel Cleaning in Bloomingdale, GA

We got a call from a customer needing his solar panels cleaned. He had noticed a drop in his energy production due to the dirty panels. All of our solar panel cleanings come with a inspection along with a thorough cleaning. We strongly urge […]

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Commercial Building Pressure Washing in Savannah, GA

We got tasked with lending a helping hand to another pressure washing company. We jumped right in and got it done. We pressure washed the entire building, surface cleaned the concrete and also cleaned up the curbing. This was a two day project that we were […]

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Chick-Fil-A Restaraunt Exterior Cleaning in Pooler, GA

We have been tasked with pressure washing a local restaurant twice a month. We must clean the building, the dumpster pads and also all the concrete. Restaurants typically have a lot of grease that's needs to be removed to avoid people slipping and falling which […]

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Three Story Window Cleaning in Rincon, GA

We got tasked with a three stories high window cleaning project. We where able to clean the exterior of the windows from the ground using our water fed pole system. We removed years of dirt, dust and grime from these windows that had not been cleaned […]

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Sonic Restaurant Pressure Washing in Rincon, GA

We got tasked to clean the canopies at our local Sonic restaurant. We first soft washed them to remove the algae and build up that had accumulated over time. We then gave a thourgh rinse to leave a clean surface. If your building is in need […]

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Commercial Building Cleaning in Rincon, GA

We got a call from a local Rincon business owner wanting a full exterior cleaning. We soft washed the roof and building. We cleaned all the gutters, sidewalks and storage building. We also cleaned all exterior monument signs, When we where complete this business was spotless. […]

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Grocery Store Cleaning in Rincon, GA

We were tasked with some nightime exterior prep cleaning for our local grocery store. Not a problem for BW EXTERIOR WASH SERVICES we can handle it all, simply give us a call. Building Washing Location: Rincon, GA […]

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Gutter Cleaning in Guyton, GA

Customer called needing there second story gutters cleaned out. We removed all the debris from within the gutters and also flushed them to insure they where flowing correctly. […]

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Parking Lot Re-Striping in Pooler, GA

This customer needed their parking lot re-striped. We only use the best quality DOT paint when stripping a parking lot. We will never thin down the paint, which causes our lines to outlast the competition lines. Parking Lot Striping Location: Pooler, GA […]

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House Wash and Rust Removal in Rincon, GA

Customer got a house wash and also the rust remover add on. This rust stain was caused by a dripping air conditioner line. This line has been dripping for years. No problem for us. If you have rust on your home and want it gone, give […]

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Church Brick Cleaning in Guyton, GA

Church needed some exterior cleaning prior to coming back to in person services. We soft washed the brick instead of pressure washing due to the fact this brick is a softer brick. Pressure washing is not always the best choice. Brick also had some calcium build […]

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Brick and Surface Cleaning in Pooler, GA

Customer tasked us with cleaning up this building. We softwash the brick, as some brick is delicate and pressure can damage brick. We also surface cleaned the concrete to rid the dirt and grime. Brick Washing Surface Cleaning Location: Pooler, GA […]

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Full Service in Rincon, GA

Customer wanted property ready for new tenants. Gave this lovely home a full service exterior cleaning. Roof wash, House wash and surface cleaning. We soft washed the roof and the stucco home. We cleaned the concrete with our surface cleaner which will get rid of the […]

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Full Service Exterior Cleaning in Rincon, GA

Customer call wanting a full service exterior cleaning. We gave her a roof wash, house wash and a surface cleaning. We soft washed the roof and the house. The roof cleaning removed all the debris and also killed the gloeocapsa magma. The house wash cleaned […]

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Stucco Cleaning in Rincon, GA

Customer called wanting to get a house wash on her stucco home. No problem we do them all. We applied our solution via our soft wash system which is low pressure and allowed the solution to do its job. Then a thorough rinse is all that […]

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2021 Walk To End Alzheimer's in Savannah, GA

Met Rob & Deb at the walk and was able to bless them with a FREE exterior cleaning service. As part of our business model we believe in giving back. Our exterior cleaning services get rid of any mold, mildew, bacteria, and other contaminants that you may have […]

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